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      As lifelong teachers and performing artists, Katia Valdeos and Cynthia Haring have been highly supportive of the arts, education, environmental efforts to sustain our Earth, and social justice.  However, in and out of the classroom they became concerned about the increase in bullying and suicide among vulnerable children and teens, disrespect toward immigrants, dishonoring of Native American rights, prejudice toward the transgender community, lack of support for veterans dealing with PTSDs & sexual abuse, and the rise in homeless youth & families. To give young people a voice, for over 30 years Cynthia and Katia have volunteered to mentor hundreds of kids and teens to perform on stage and in the recording studio. In recent years, they became determined to establish the Haring Valdeos Foundation for the Arts, Earth, Education & Social Justice to do more to help those in need.

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Meet The Board of Directors

Meet the Advisory Board Members

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